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You Are Meant for Great Things

Hello Friend.

Can I tell You a Secret?

My name is Sarah Long, and I’m taking down my monster and saving the world, and no one even knows it’s happening, except for me…and now you.

Would you like to join me?

I promise you’ll become the best version of yourself, inside and out.

I can’t say too much here, cause the higher ups don’t like people with my powers. But in short, I want to help you take back your control, so you don’t have to go with the flow. So you don’t have to feel stuck, and so you can live the life you want.

I think, if individually, we commit to the daily practice of self-mastery, we’ll raise our frequency, and that’s the only way to stop the madness, and save the world from self destructing…


There’s a saying…

The devil is strongest when we’re busy looking the other way..

Like a program running in the background, silently making decisions on our behalf, while we’re busy doing other shit.

They perform action, without user interaction…

Primal urges, unconscious habits, repressed memories. They’re always there. And we can try to control them. We can try to be good. We can try to make a difference, but it’s all bullshit. Our intentions are irrelevant. They don’t drive us. Our Monsters do. And me…I’ve got more than most.

And I always knew that, that’s why I couldn’t be myself. That’s why I was distracted, and why I never did anything worth bragging about. That’s how I got stuck going with the flow, never really happy with where I was going, and never knowing when my pain would take me down to nothing. Then, when I was 33, I lost everything.


It was a day just like any other day. I was laying in bed, and my cat gave me a cat scan like she always does. And when she walked on my left breast, that’s when I felt the sensation. Panic.

The overwhelming fear that my Monster finally got me, and I really am self destructing…with cancer.

Of course it could be nothing, but it wasn’t. It was stage 3B, and suddenly, my worst nightmare was my reality.

At first, I refused to buy into their deadly treatments, and I was willing to die young, than risk dying from chemo poison. But then one day, a day not like any other day, someone I trusted more than I trust myself, convinced me to take the treatment, because they said it’s the only way to beat this.

And I thought if I did beat this, maybe I could come out a winner, and finally do something extraordinary.

So I did it.

All of it.

10 rounds of chemo, mastectomy, reconstruction, and 26 rounds of radiation.

And I documented my nightmare, and the dreams in between, in my collection of cancer diaries. 


Cancer was devastating for me. It still is. I’m a natural health crusader, and for 12 years I was a Personal Trainer and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, and I prided myself on my health. But my focus was on physical health. That’s what I knew, and I was good at it, and it helped me feel good, in spite of the pain I had inside of me. This pain, is what I refer to as my Monster.

The personal-reality that had me trapped behind my masks of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty, as a result of my never-ending stories.

These are the stories of past experiences, that run in the background of our subconscious programing.

I could always feel my Monster in me, but I didn’t know how to deal with (HIM), so I didn’t. I ignored it. I ran from it. I was flight. And my emotional forest got darker, my Monster got bigger, and I got so stuck, I couldn’t find my way out, and I was dying while I was alive.

But that’s why cancer was my blessing in disguise. It took me down so hard, it woke me up to how I was thinking, feeling and doing, and helped me see why I was so unhappy.

That’s why, when I was diagnosed with the Big C, almost immediately, I decided to pursue a quest for unconditional love for mySelf. It seemed like that was the only medicine I really needed to heal from this disease. But I knew my Monster was big.


During my quest for unconditional self-love, I forced myself to peek inside my forest, and go face to face with my Monster, and try to make peace with everything that happened. And I expected this quest to make my life better, but things just kept getting worse, as my life kept falling apart.

After I lost my health to cancer, I lost my business, then my relationship, and in less than 6 months, I was at rock bottom. Literally. I had nothing, and I had no one I could count on, not even myself, and it was a nightmare. But I didn’t let it take me down too much, because deep down inside, I knew things needed to fall apart, so that they could fall together.

I knew this setback was my second chance to live rightly, to live on purpose, and to follow my purpose, and that’s when I started making big plans to transform who I was entirely, and that’s what inspired my phoenix rising program.

It’s the self-mastery program used to helped me become the best version of myself. It’s my framework for getting in alignment with who I really am, and who I want to become, and it includes things like, my life plan, my big audacious goals and my self-care plan, used to raise my frequency, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

It’s my road map to getting unstuck, rising above the trauma of cancer, so that when the time is right, I will be ready to rise from the ashes, and become the person I was always meant to be. My True Self, without my Monster, masquerading as me.

Everything I did, and continue to do, is all documented in the phoenix rising chronicles.




I’ve always had a dream to save the world, but my Monster wouldn’t let me, which is precisely why I wanted to save the world, with the world’s greatest healing center. This is the place I always knew I needed, but it didn’t exist. And now I’m creating it. The place I call Satori. The place where you and I can go, to awaken, and do the work, to become the best version of yourself, inside and out.



I’ve always dreamed of living an extraordinary life, but my life was loaded with loss, and never feeling good enough to go all in on anything. But that’s cause I was fear. I was flight, and my Monster was controlling my life. Then when I lost it all, I decided I was going to be the silent observer of my life, and document everything, so (HE) can’t keep dictating.

This story is called the Daily Hustle, and it highlights the highs and lows to getting unstuck, and creating an extraordinary life.




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Sarah Long

Through the daily practice of self-mastery, we tame our Monster, raise the world's frequency, and achieve great things.


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