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Hi, I’m Sarah Long

Welcome to my website.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer and that was just the beginning of the destruction of my life. From there went my business, then my relationship, and in less than 6 months I found myself at rock bottom, a Solodolo, treading water in a sea of setbacks. But through the pain, I found a kind of love and happiness within, that has me emerging into the life of my dreams, even though I lost it all.

This blog is a documentary of my story, and how I’m seeking to find real freedom, all while creating an extraordinary life that is loaded with good health, wealth and love.


I am a…

Personal Trainer

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Breast Cancer Conqueror

Natural Health Crusader

Spiritual Warrior

Creative Visonary Officer






I talk about (Him) a lot. I’m referring to the voice of Fear, also known as Ego, the Devil, the Monkey Mind. (He) is in the way of anything good, because he creates self-sabotaging thoughts of worry, self-doubt, lack, shame, guilt. Thus, (He) makes me do shit that isn’t serving my ultimate vision. I’m trying to tame (Him) with the inside work. It’s hard.



I talk about Her a lot. I’m referring to the voice of Love, also known as Truth, Self, the Universe, Faith. She gives me the courage, the strength and the guidance to pursue my ultimate vision, in spite of what (He) says. So I’m on a quest for unconditional self-love, so I can wake up and see who I really am, and activate my true potential. It’s hard.


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Mindset & Meaning
March 15, 2017

Can I Really Create the Life of My Dreams Starting from Scratch?

I always knew there was something in me holding me back from really going after my dreams, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was, other than lack of confidence. And so for many years I used fitness as a tool to help myself get more confident, and while it did help with my mindset, I ended up exercising myself into adrenal fatigue, and living with never ending injuries from overtraining. But deep down inside, I knew I needed more than hard core workouts to fix my low confidence problems, and in my mid 20's I started doing the inside work.…
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My Evening Routine

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Welcome to the third and final part of my regimen series, where I’ve been outlining what habits, exercises and systems I follow to help keep me living in the feeling tone, so that I can live in alignment with the life I want to create…which is an extraordinary life loaded with health, wealth and love all while adding value to the world. My routines are strategically designed to help me achieve my 2017 big audacious goals which is based on the things I talked about in my “Ultimate Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Life Plan.” So if you haven’t yet read…

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My Daily Routine

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Welcome to part two of this three part series, where I’ve been revealing the inside workings of my routines, that keep me on track to achieving my 2017 big audacious goals. As I outlined in my book my routines are based on the LIFT Practice, which includes a series of exercises and tools that I use to help me act as if I’m living the life I want right now, by doing things that make me feel the way I would, if I already had the life I do want. So just like my morning routine is strategically designed to prepare…

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My Morning Routine

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Hey, welcome to my morning routine! Last week I shared my 2017 Big Audacious Goals with the world, and I highlighted some of the routines and systems I use to keep me consistently doing the work that is necessary to achieve my goals. And the reason I’m doing this is because this blog is really a documentation of my journey from rock bottom to mountain tops.  If you haven’t been following my story, I recently lost a lot of the important pieces of my life, from my business, to my relationship, to my health. And while I do struggle to see…

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Goals ReportLifestyleSelf-Care
February 6, 2017

My 2017 Big Audacious Goals

Hello You Beautiful Soul! I know this post is like 30 days late, but welcome to 2017!! I’ve never been this excited for a new year, as I am for this new year. Not that our problems go away when the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, but 2016 was hard for me. After facing the perfect storm of setbacks, losing everything from my business, to friendships, to my 7 year relationship, and my health thanks to cancer, I'm really looking forward to something amazing. And while many people in my situation would drown themselves in their sorrows, giving up hope…
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Life Plan
January 30, 2017

My Quantum Life Plan for Creating an Extraordinary Life

In 2016 I lost it all Everything from health, to my business, to my relationship. But after pursuing a quest for self-love and self-awarness, I've turned my setbacks into a comeback, and now my life is extraordinary. Follow my story and learn how you can too can take back control of your life...
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